Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Romance Is Dead

So maybe I'm a bit late to jump on this valentine's band wagon, but I spent my romantic weekend full of flu, working in a restaurant trying to make a lovely evening for insecure couples that subscribe to that heart shaped nonsense. Yuk! I don't know what was more sickening: the flu or the smoochy hand holding on a rose petal covered table.

Despite being in an extremely long - so long arduous is an appropriate word to use - term relationship, I'm cynical when it comes to corporate displays of affection. In fact the idea of a fancy meal, chocolates, and roses really turns my stomach. And speaking of turned stomachs - for me true love is returning home after a hard day, feeling crap and having your other half waiting with a cup of tea for you. Never mind a dozen red roses. I'd settle for a brew any day.

In saying that, I did spend my valentine's watching Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth version) so I suppose I'm not totally heartless... although I was drinking tea then too.

I guess all in all, the type of romance I thrive on is either genuine affection, spurred into action for the sake rather than the show of it. Or is otherwise the result of a tumultuous, angsty adventure, complete with explosions and corpses. Happy belated Valentine's, I hope your day was filled with zombie hordes or Tetley tea bags.

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