Monday, 8 February 2016

New Website

As this is the month of new-y newness - new book, new X-files that kind of thing - I've also revamped my website.

This included taking the plunge and purchasing a domain name, which was a bitter bill to pay (because I love freebies), but I think it makes things a bit more professional and the more I look professional the more I might start acting professional... okay it's a long shot.

But one of the things I wanted to do on the site was make it a bit interactive. There's an extras section which has some free stuff about the Reacher series and you can also read my blog there... which makes things weird because you could be reading this update on my website about my website being updated - oooh my head hurts.

This is the website: so check it out.

You can now also join my mailing list and those that do get a free, unreleased short Reacher story (one of my favourites in fact). This story won't be released anywhere else so if you want it sign up. And don't worry about being hassled every day by me - it's hard enough keeping a blog post updated once a week, my newsletter will be strictly monthly updates as needed.

Anymore ideas what I can do to make my series more interesting to you let me know.

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