Monday, 6 July 2015

Using Pinterest

I've been feeling a bit like a Luddite as I embark on the many things I have to get through in readiness for the relaunch of The Running Game. My Book Manager gave me a list of social network bits and pieces to conquer and well, I'm fighting a valiant fight but I'm not totally sure I'm winning.

I did at least get a bit of success with Pinterest though.

Getting ideas for my cover artist was proving to be a bit of a challenge. I knew what I didn't want, but knowing what type of visuals suited my book and suited me was making my head spin (and my cover artist's too I'm sure). I offered helpful comments like - I like black and white, but also bold colour. Then - I like it simple, but not too simple. Not particularly useful to anyone.

Finally I was talking with a DIY enthusiast who had an entire pinboard dedicated to ideas for her new bathroom and I realised that I could do one for my Reacher series.

I wanted to cover a whole range of things, landscapes, atmosphere, some actual ideas for covers, some ideas for characters and just some pictures that really called out to me as fitting with the general theme of the series.

It took about three hours for things to start taking shape and for me to gather something useful for my cover artist to work with, but also doing this was a massive help for me creatively. I began to draw inspiration from what I was seeing and even cemented a few of my fly away ideas into the future series.

It was a brilliant exercise that really worked at putting myself into the atmosphere of my work without actually combating difficult characters. So if you're writing, or making music, or whatever give Pinterest a try and see if it can help inspire you.

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