Monday, 13 July 2015

Letter to MP

I was going to post something else today, but before I started writing my blog I had to quickly draft a letter to my MP in support of voting "no" against the proposal to lift the ban on fox hunting. As I wrote the letter I realised that this is probably a bit more important than what I intended to write today so I thought I would share it and if anyone wants to copy and paste it to their own MP then please feel free.

It is so important if you are against this that you write to your MP now and even if you aren't based in Britain you can still encourage your British friends and families to write to their MP's now!

Dear Mark Williams,

I am writing to you regarding the potential lifting of the fox hunting ban proposed by the Tory government.

I strongly urge you to vote no. This archaic sport has no place in modern Britain and it will be an absolute travesty to bring it back under the guise of pest control.

Living in the beautiful Welsh countryside I understand that there is a balance to nature as well as a need to protect farming and livestock, however since the ban was put in place I have not heard of any incidents in my local community that would call for any retraction of the ban. In fact people in my community delight at seeing foxes, especially children.

This vote serves only to appease a faction of rich elite who enjoy massacring wildlife for fun, a practice which as well as being mercilessly cruel does not serve the Welsh people or our community whatsoever. It is a waste of tax payers time and money to even propose a vote especially when our government should be concentrating on greater issues such as child poverty and welfare cuts. It seems more than hypocritical for our government to harm so many struggling families with their latest budget and then try to lift a popular ban to improve their leisure time.

As a family we are extremely against this action by David Cameron and we note that he was unable to put this proposal through under the coalition government, we therefore hope that you will vote no and help prevent this ban being lifted.

Yours sincerely,

L E Fitzpatrick

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