Monday, 29 June 2015

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

As a writer of dystopian fiction I guess it's kind of easy to just focus on the things that threaten our society and will ultimately lead to our downfall. Sometimes you just look at world events and feel that this is the beginning of the end. Then you get that sinking feeling in your gut when you realise that this is just a prelude to what your kids are going to have to deal with when they grow up. This is the legacy you leave for them.

I had this sinking moment earlier last week when I was catching up on the proposed threats to our welfare system in the UK and I saw this:

These wheelchair bound protesters are being evicted from the House of Commons lobby last week while the fat cats that make decisions about our country are lining their own pockets with the scraps our disabled population have been surviving off. What we do to our disabled people in the UK is absolutely disgusting, but these are people that aren't able to bang and protest like others in our country and until last week their voices have barely been heard.

It's always the same with governments and welfare - the rich get richer and everyone else has to fight to survive. This is Great Britain - well done us.

Working on my Reacher series it's moments like these that just send a glaring light of inspiration to me and I feel sometimes that I'm not just writing stories, but writing down predictions for the state of society. I guess I'm drawn to this type of writing because it helps me deal with the unsettling feeling I'm left with every time our government makes another bold decision in an attempt to ruin humanity. You know decisions like combating the UK child poverty issue, which is pretty serious, by redefining what child poverty is. God it's great to be British.

But then the USA did something amazing. They made a stand for equality and, amid all this pessimistic blackness, there was a little ray of sunshine - a rainbow on the horizon. We already have gay marriage in the UK, but the news was so globally celebrated that I really got to appreciate what this means for so many people who have been living like second rate citizens because of their sexuality. But it's more than just a breakthrough for today, it suddenly occurred to me that my 6 year old son and his generation will grow up in a western world that recognises sexual equality. We may get a lot of things wrong but this is right. And with every bad thing that has happened and that will continue to happen, it's so important to remember that above all else #LoveWins.

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