Monday, 22 June 2015

Getting It Together

You know the first thing they tell you when you get signed by a publisher - "don't give up your day job yet..." The trouble for me is I never listen to good advice. Don't eat that - it's really spicy, do a tester before you spray it all over your body, don't mix your drinks. Yup, I'm more of a "learn from experience" kind of girl with the emphasis on bad experiences. So I've packed in my day job... only kidding, the paying the bills aspect of my life is still plodding along, what I have done is cut my normal office down by half so I can concentrate on being an author.

Sorry, I have to take a second to calm down the excitement here. Every time I think about it I get a little bit giddy. This has been an ambition for so long I had pretty much resigned myself to never achieving it. And what's more is I actually need to do this, I have so much to do I can't afford to not clear my diary - sorry Tom Hardy our date will have to wait.

I guess a lot of people think that once you get the book deal then the world of writing just opens up. Well it does, but it's not a blissful place that an author can just float into - instead it's more like hurtling through a wormhole after eating your body weight in cake. There is so much to do and that's not even thinking about the next book.
Positive attitude the Jelly Beans are half full... but not for long.

Social media is the big thing at the moment and in my case the big scary that looms over me like an expectant gym teacher just waiting for me to fall flat on my face - which will happen.

I have two issues with social media, the first is that it's constantly evolving meaning I get my head around one thing just as it becomes outdated. The second is that I've worked long and hard at reigning in my crazy that actually spewing forth all the nonsense from my head doesn't come naturally (or at least not without a thorough editing process tacked on at the end). I have thoughts and opinions but do I really want to share them? There are some hornets nests that shouldn't be poked and yet if you read my work you read the core of my inner self...

Okay we're getting a bit deep aren't we? The main thing is that in order to be accessible I need to be accessible. What does that even mean? I guess it means that the crazy is going to come out and the posts are going to get more interesting, maybe even a little more controversial. Writing is my life, but there's more to my life than writing. And I'm under strict orders to start talking about it. I may not listen to advice but I do take orders (especially from my Book Manager General).

So today marks the start of the new regime. Two hours of proofreading are in the bag and now it's time to work on my bios for all the social networking sites that demand I make a statement about myself. So far I've got "I like Jelly Beans," which is actually and understatement. God, this exposure thing is tough. Okay "I love Jelly Beans and I have to ration them so I can have some every day," there, now we're getting beneath the surface. Maybe this exposure business won't be so tough after all.

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