Saturday, 19 July 2014

Border Lines Out Tomorrow

So I've been a bit late on blog posts recently. Well there is a reason why and I promise you it is a good one. Tomorrow - that's right Sunday 20th July 2014 (breathing into a paper bag in a panic) is the release date for my latest book Border Lines!!!

You've seen the cover and the blurb well tomorrow it's the release party and everyone who is everyone is going to be there, I've even heard the Queen and Elvis are going to show up. So you better not miss it - I'm counting on you to come. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, open your car windows and shout it at the top of your voice:

There will be prizes, extracts, exclusives and all kinds of fun and games. There are 24 hours in a day spare a few minutes to stop by and join in the fun and you will be rewarded with my eternal gratitude. Besides what are you going to do otherwise - go out in the thunderstorms we've been having? See you there!

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