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The Paths that Lie Ahead part one: Money, Power, and Betrayal - Melvin Luster

Happy December! To kick off the seasonal festivities, I have postponed the present wrapping to bring you an extract from The Paths that Lie Ahead, which you can download for FREE from Amazon now. So with the Christmas spirit in mind why don't you treat yourself to a good read....

The Paths that Lie Ahead part one: Money, Power, and Betrayal (Excerpt) - Melvin Luster

Chapter 4 
Looking out 

The snow is finally gone and the sun is starting to come up! For the last nine months we had to deal with the snow, the extreme cold, and basically no sun. But now Alaska is looking like a totally different place.  

Now, the sun doesn’t go down, matter of fact on June 21 they have a celebration because that’s the longest day of the year. 2’oclock in the morning looks just like it does at 2’oclock in the afternoon.  

Some students were going back home for the summer break; while others decided to stay and find jobs like myself. The main reason I decided to stay was because I didn’t have the money to go home and then get back. So I made plans to stay with Big Perm and one of his girlfriend’s whose name is Denise.  

One day Perm and I rode to the weed spot to buy some weed, but when we got there we were told that they were all out, and that was shocking because they always had it.  

Then we went to the other side of town to holla at the homeboy over there and he was out to, and that was another shock. So we sat in the car for a moment thinking who we can get a sack of weed from.  

“Let’s holla at Money Kell you know he has those connections.” 

So we rode over to his spot and he had nothing, damn!  

“A Big Perm you have time to run me to Burger World so I can get me something to eat”, Money Kell asks? 

“Are you going to get me something?” 

“I got you.” 
I get up and let Money Kell sit in the front seat; not because I had to, I just like riding in the back. When we arrived at Burger World the drive thru line was out the parking lot. So Perm parks and Money Kell turns and asks me, “What you want Dre?” 

“Just get me a double cheeseburger with everything and some fries.” 

They both got out the car and went into Burger World. I just sat there frustrated because I’m having weed withdrawals, and then I looked up and saw David Walker the dorm leader coming out the restaurant, so I shout, “What’s up David!” 

Straining his eyes trying to see who just hollered at him. When he does, he shouts back, “What’s up Andre, what you been up to? Why didn’t you go home for summer break?” 

“I didn’t have the money.” 

“You should’ve let me know I would’ve lent it to you.” 

“Oh, I didn’t know you were the man to see for loans.” 

“Well now you do, so what you up to?”  

“Nothing much; just can’t wait for the school year to start back”, and then we gave one another some dap. 

“Me to, this is my last Semester; I graduate in December.” 

“I know you happy.” 

But as we talked I noticed that his eyes looked a little on the low side; so as he talks I start thinking to myself; either he’s sleepy or he smokes weed. I mean, his eyes weren’t blood shot red, but he could’ve used Visine.  
This is sad, but that’s how damn bad I’m craving some weed, so after debating it momentarily in my head, I finally built up enough nerve to ask him. Now yaw must also understand that this is my dorm leader that I’m getting ready to ask where the weed at.  

“A David you know where I can find some green?” 

I think my question kind of caught him off guard because he paused and looked around and then whispered, “What you mean, weed?” 


“You don’t even know me like that Andre, so why would you come at me like that?” 

“A look I don’t mean no disrespect or anything, I don’t want to get kicked out of school……” 

“Come to the dorm and talk to me, but when you come; come by yourself.” 

Shocked I nodded my head “Yes” and then he walked off.  

At the same time Perm and Money Kell comes out of Burger World with our food. We ride back to Money Kell’s spot; we park so we can eat. We chill there for a minute bumping Tupac’s “All Eyez on me.” 

I nudge Perm and say, “I need you to run me somewhere.” 


“I got one more person I want to check with about some weed.” 

His face lit up because that’s right up his alley. Money Kell gets out the car and says, “If they do let me know so I can get some to.” 
“I got you.” 

I get up in the front seat, we give Money Kell some dap, and then Perm and I rolled out. 

“Where we headed to Dre?” 

“To the dorm.” 

“Who in the world has weed on campus?” 

I hesitate because I didn’t want to tell him, but this is my homie, “I saw David Walker at Burger World and I asked him if he knew where I could get some weed, and he told me to come holla at him at his dorm room, but I have to talk to him by myself he said.” 

“You sure you should do that Dre, because first of all he’s our dorm leader, and secondly he doesn’t look like he would know where some weed would be.” Perms right and now he has me second guessing myself, but something in my heart was saying do it. 

“Just wait for me; and if it’s a trap I’m denying it, and it’s my word against his.”  

We pull up at the dorm; I get out the car and goes to David’s room door. 

I knock on the door, “Come in”, he shouts! I walk in, and then he says, “Have a seat”, so I sat down in the chair by his computer, “What you see going on Andre is a drought.” 

I’m looking confused and say, “What!” 

“When you can’t find weed on the streets it’s known as a drought meaning it’s dried up.” 

O.K. now I’m starting to understand what he’s talking about.  

He takes me over to his closet and says, “You ready”, and I nod my head yes? 

He opens the door, and when he opened it you wouldn’t believe what I seen. It was a grow room; and it had the sweetest and most potent smell of weed that I had ever smelled, I’ve heard about these before, but this was my first time ever seeing and smelling the aroma of one.  

It had eight humongous almost full grown plants in it. These plants stood taller than me, so that should give an idea of how tall these plants were; because I’m 5’7.  

He closed the closet door and we go over to his bed and out from under the bed he pulls out a red and yellow suit case, and when he opened it, it had 17 huge storage bags of weed already broke down and bagged. 

“Each of these bags holds a pound a piece.” He grabs one and takes a long dragging smell, and then passes it to me to smell. It had the same skunk like smell of the weed that I had smoked some time back, we been looking for some, but we haven’t been able to find any since. I’m just going to be honest with yaw I was breathless, I had never seen this much weed before in my life. 

“So, what you looking for”, I’m just standing there speechless; then he says, “Look Andre I wouldn’t have showed you my entire grow room if I didn’t trust you. I’ve been watching you ever since you got up here and you seem to be cool. I want you to leave this between us, even if you don’t agree with what I’m about to ask you, can I trust you?” 

You can trust me homie, but let me ask you a question, you sell weed?”  

“I sell it, but not like you would think. I only mess with a select few. Now let me ask you a question; why do you think I’m talking to you and showing you all of this?” 

I’m lost and puzzled at that question because I really don’t know. Then he replies, “To help me.” 

“To help you!” 

He fires up a blunt, puffs on it several times and then passes it to me and says, “Yeah to help me, because the streets are dry and that’s good for business. I’ve always wanted to make more money than what I was making, but I didn’t know anyone out in the city I would trust enough to do this kind of business with.” He folds his arms and lean back in his desk chair and says, “But I trust you for some reason and plus I know you know people because of how you came at me at Burger World.” 

“I do.”  

“Good here you go.” 

He tosses me one of the 17 storage bags and says, “Its 40 baggies in there, and each baggy is to be sold at $40 apiece, now you do the math?” As I’m thinking he says, “That’s $1600, I want you to bring me back a $1000, and you keep the $600. I promise you, you do me right I’ll always take care of you; do we have a deal”, and then he holds his hand out for me to shake? 

With no hesitation I grab it and shake it and respond, “You have a deal. Oh, by the way, call me Dre.” 

“Ok Dre.” 

“But I have one more question.” 

“What’s up?” 

“How do you keep the weed from smelling out in the hallways?” 

He points up at the four small metal boxes in the corners of his room and says, “Odor destroyers.”  

I stuff the weed in the front of my pants, pull my shirt down over it, and walked out the room. When I get to the car I pull out the weed and showed Perm. I tell him everything David said to me and he was shocked; I didn’t tell him about the grow room because I believe something’s you need to keep to yourself.  

I took Perm in as a partner, and agreed to split my share with him since we did ride around together making sales, and he made it clear that he had my back no matter what.  

So what we would do is separate David’s share off the top and made his money first. In fact, that night we brought him his money within four hours, that’s how dry the streets were.  

We had the right connections on both sides; Money Kell because he knew people and David because he supplied it. In two days we made over $5000, and that’s after we took David his cut.  

Before I knew it we were doing some big business on the streets. If you thought we were doing it big then; Shit that was just the beginning. Trust me it’s going to get bigger and better so just keep on reading especially if you love seeing the underdog on top. 

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