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Evelyn - Sarah Carter

I'm very excited, last month I proofread this next story and so it's great to finally see it published. Evelyn by Sarah Carter is a YA Fantasy which will appeal to both younger and older readers. This isn't a typical vampire/werewolf story, but instead is packed with some really original ideas and very feisty characters.

Evelyn (Extract) - Sarah Carter

All sentient thought vanished, swept from my mind by a series of overwhelming sensations. The feel of my claws in the man’s shoulders, scraping against the bone. His warm throat between my jaws. The resistance of his skin giving beneath my teeth. A sudden hot, salty, metallic spray of blood in my mouth. The crunching of cartilage. My teeth closing together. The thud as the man’s corpse hit the ground. A strong urge to swallow the lump of human flesh now in my mouth.

The red fog of rage and bloodlust faded from my mind, pushed slowly back by sanity. I hurriedly spat out the chunk I’d ripped from the man’s throat, took a deep, shaky breath and wiped a hand across my mouth. It came away smeared with blood. There were drops of blood on my clothes as well. I looked down at the corpse at my feet. Beneath the man’s frozen expression of terror there was a bloody mess where his throat had been.

I went to pick up my phone from where I’d dropped it. Jermaine had ended the call. He was on his way here, I could sense it. There were two others with him, too. I had to move fast and burn the body. If I didn’t then my relatives would eat it and that…didn’t sit quite right with me.

I picked up the body with ease and carried it onto a small grassy square by the road that was surrounded by bushes. I pulled a box of matches and a lighter out of my bag. The lighter I shattered, spilling what little fuel there was inside over the body. Then I knelt by the body, struck a match, and carefully set the flame against several different parts of his clothing.

The flames seemed to take ages to spread and I began to worry that my family would get there before the body started to burn properly. They’ll be here any minute. I picked up a few dead twigs and dry leaves, and threw them onto the body, hoping to speed up the process. The dead man’s eyes caught mine as I threw a clump of leaves on him. Grimacing, I reached down to close his eyelids, then I turned my back on the burning corpse. Watching bodies burn is just as disgusting as watching them being eaten by your family.
My family members were close, practically on top of me. I could feel my muscles tensing up.

“I can smell smoke,” said a female voice nearby and a growl escaped my lips. Clara! Why does she always have to come? “She’s burning someone again,” whined the voice. “Just wait until I tell Dad. He told her to stop burning them.”

A large figure appeared in the gap between the bushes. Jermaine stopped when he saw me, looked me over for any sign of injury and then sighed with relief. A boy appeared on his left—Caleb, a cousin of ours—and a woman—Clara, my half sister—appeared on his right. Caleb grinned at me, but Clara just glared.

“You’re fine,” said Jermaine with relief, stepping closer to place a hand on my arm.

“Of course she is,” said Caleb, rolling his eyes. “She’s always fine. Eve can handle herself.”

Jermaine held up his cell with a reproachful look. “You should have called me back. I was worried. You’re not usually taken by surprise like that, after all.”

“We half humans aren’t as feeble as you think,” Caleb told him.

Clara made a despairing noise as she shoved past the two guys and strode up to the burning corpse. She had a large bottle of water in one hand, which she opened and started pouring over the corpse. I hissed at her, but she ignored me.

“Hey, I think we might be able to salvage some meat!” she said once the flames had been extinguished.

I moved to the other side of the corpse, lifted one foot, then brought it down hard, kicking a load of dirt and small pebbles over the body. Clara let out an indignant shriek.

“You’ve ruined it!” she cried, lunging at me.

Jermaine’s arm swept out, catching Clara around the waist before she could reach me. He pulled her back a few steps, then shoved her toward Caleb, who grabbed one of her arms.

“That wasn’t very nice.” Jermaine shook his head at me. “We have to eat, Evelyn.”

“Then have a salad.” I turned and stalked out of the little grassy square, back onto the street.

I hadn’t gone far before Caleb appeared by my side. “Would you rather we starve to death?” he asked, pretending to look hurt by the thought.

“I’d rather some of you starved to death, yes.”

“Like Clara?”

I nodded.

“You know, if she does tell your dad…he won’t ask nicely twice. He’ll be furious with you.”

An image flashed through my mind—my mother as I had last seen her, screaming and terrified as a hulking monster fell on her. The hulking monster who also happened to be my father.

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