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Dark Fate Falling - Kate de Jesus

As a fantasy author I love showcasing other work from similar authors, but this next author in particular really caught my eye. Kate de Jesus wrote her YA Fantasy with her son (my son and I can barely co-write a shopping list without coming to blows!!). Here's one of the author's favorite extracts and you can get this book on Kindle or paperback at the links at the bottom of the page.

Dark Fate Falling (Extract) - Kate de Jesus

As Nick bobbed in the water wheezing and sputtering, he became aware of two things simultaneously: one, the eye had passed and the full ferocity of the storm was now hammering down with wind, rain and cracks of blistering lightning; and two, the large, serpentine tail of an enormous sea creature was silently sliding under the surface not a dozen feet in front of them.

With all that they had been through, some small part of Nick’s mind found it amazing that he could still be startled and terrified about what was happening to them, and yet that was exactly how he felt when he saw the three heaving humps of the monsters tale disappear underwater. His mind’s eye spit out images of the famed Loch Ness Monster he’d seen in pictures and his stomached clenched. He spun around, trying to orient himself, and realized he had surfaced facing back toward the shore, and that the creature was between him and the main island.

A wave smashed into them and for a moment Nick thought the creature had grabbed him and forced him back under the water. He surfaced again and realized what had happened, then started to kick and paddle through the water in the direction of Site 1, hoping and praying he was going the right way. He used his arms to stroke through the waves as best he could, ready to use the knife grasped in his right hand if the sea creature materialized again. The thought of the beast approaching silently from behind was almost like a physical presence pressing against him, and he dreaded the feel of its teeth with every stroke. With the larger waves and the pounding rain, it was hard to see where he was going and he only caught occasional glimpses of the island when he crested a wave.

Then Owen was shrieking and kicking, and Nick knew the creature had clamped on to his legs and was tearing him in half. With a shock, he realized Owen screamed of impending doom, not doom itself.

“It’s coming! It’s right behind us Nick! Iiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Before he could turn and try to defend them with the knife, something slammed into his chest, knocking the tiny amount of air in his lungs out. Nick tried to scream himself, but his open mouth filled with water and only a sputtering snarl came out. He waited for the teeth that would tear his lower body off…

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