Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An Article on Self-Publishing - by Justin Bienvenue

This is a blog geared towards indie writing and Justin Bienvenue has written his thoughts about this growing industry.. enjoy..

Self-Publishing. It has become a wave of a new way to publish a book. It is for anyone who wants to go in a different direction but it is not for everyone. With self-publishing you get to do everything that a traditional company would do for you. Some ask for frees just like traditonal but are done so you know what your getting. In other cases there is a Do-It-yourself feature which is exactly what is says, you are in full control and get to create the book as you like. With most places they offer assistance if needed. I’m not trying to paint a perfect portrait so to speak about self-publishing but I am merely shedding light as to why it should be more considered than it is. For those of us that do self-publish we know the pros and cons of what it takes and what it offers. However there are some that will not only not self-publish but don’t take it seriously then that of traditional and treat self-published indie authors differently. For whatever reason they believe that self-published authors aren’t as substantial whether it be because their book may not have been edited in the right way, the price isn’t reasonable or whatever reason. The truth is Indie authors are no different then traditional and why there is such a separation of disdain in some peoples eyes just doesn’t make sense. With Self-Publishing an author gets to call the shots. If they do have to pay a fee even then they are going down the road not taken. Self-publishing to some may not be the right way but it is the light way to publish. When you go with a traditional publisher there’s all the stuff you have to go over with them; contract, fees, layout, timetable of expectancy to be done but with self-publishing all that isn’t as big a factor. Again I do not claim to be an expert on the matter I am just explaining what I think and why I think it is best. With Self-publishing there’s less stress and expectation. You don’t have to send out a press release or write a synopsis for every single chapter upon request. You simply explain your situation, your book, yourself and most of all what your looking for. The company will then go over some things and most will ask if you wish to use their services with fees or if you wish to DIY(Do It Yourself). The whole labeling of Indie authors as not legitimate authors doesn’t make sense. There is no difference at all as I mentioned before. If anything it makes an author more credible. They not only wrote a great piece of work but they are the one who created it from scratch to get it to be published. I will end this by sharing a list with you of things you can do as a self-published author that you can’t normally do if you go with a traditional publisher. 

-You can decide whether or not you want to pay any fees for any services 
-No waits, work on it when you want 
-You can go back and fix something you don’t like or wish to change 
-You can pick your own Editor 
-You can pick your own Designer 
-You don’t have to search the web looking for a bunch of possible publishers 
-You don’t have to wait around hoping to hear back hoping they’ll accept you 
-You don’t have to submit a manuscript 
-Any pressure or stress you feel is created by you and all on you(Okay this one doesn’t seem like a good thing but it’s only stating your responsible for your own work and you should break when you need to!) 
-You can pertain to and relate to an audience of Indie authors just like yourself 


So are you an indie writer? Do you have any thoughts to share? Let me know and I'll post you up here with links to your work - lefitzpatrick@hotmail.co.uk

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